3rd International Historic Cities Congress

promotion and development of new products in historic cities

Dear congress participants,

On behalf of the Tourist board of the city of Solin, the hotel President Solin and the city of Solin, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the „3rd. International Historic Cities Congress“.

3rd International Historic Cities Congress is first project with that concept, organized in Croatia, under the motto „Meet, share& build“ , which aims to motivate ideas exchange („Meet“ concept) between leaders in tourism industry of historic cities, tourist boards, archaeologists and travel agent representatives.

The share of experiences („Share“ concept) is another objective as well as development of the new tourism products and arrangements by joint engagement of the tourism industry leaders in the destinations („Build“ concept). In regards to the archaeological park Salona and its status in ancient history, we believe to be the perfect host of this event and we trust you will enjoy the programme we have prepared.


Mirela Sučić Čevra, PhD

Mirela Sučić Čevra, PhD

Regional Manager, Central&South Europe, Tumlare Corporation

Željko Trezner,  M.A. in Economics, senior lecturer

Željko Trezner, M.A. in Economics, senior lecturer

VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, Deputy Chair of the Tourism Department Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), Board of Directors advisor

Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

“Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Director Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Romana Lekic, Phd.

Romana Lekic, Phd.

Assistant Dean Edward Bernays College of Communication Management


1Registration 17:00
2Welcome drink 19:00-
3Dinner 20:00
1Registration 08:00
2Welcome speech 08:45
3Topic: Greek archaeological sites- preservation and interpretationDr. Anastasia Gadolou 09:00
4Topic: Koprivnica Renaissance festivalRenato Labazan, prof. 09:30
5Topic: Events in function of presenting cultural heritage of SplitAlijana Vukšić, mr. sc. 10:00
6Coffee break 10:30
7Topic: City of Budapest: best practices in development of cultural tourismMelinda Nagyné Varga 10:45
8Topic: City of Budva – connecting history and tourismTijana Kotarac 11:10
9Topic: Connecting separated – thematic roman road route as a cultural-tourist attractionAntonija Eremut Erceg, 11:45
10Cofee break 12:10
11Panel Discussion / Topic: Events – tool for interpretation and promotion of historic cities and localitiesRomana Lekic, Phd. , Tijana Kotarac , Alijana Vukšić, mr. sc. , Renato Labazan, prof. , Dr. Anastasia Gadolou 12:30
12Lunch break 14:00
13Included excursion Solin 15:30
14Free time 18:00
15Dinner 19:00
16Entertainment – Karaoke party 20:00
1Topic: Valorization of roman values within Vinkovci’s tourist offerMartina Matković, dipl.oec. 09:00
2Topic: Archaeological site Stobi - interpretation and presentation of the siteSilvana Blazevska, Ph.D. 09:30
3Topic: Trends and the demand for products of cultural tourism - perceptions and attitudes of foreign tour operators for Croatia as a destinationMirela Sučić Čevra, PhD 10:00
4Topic: Management of historical sites in Croatia - SWOT AnalysisSanjin Mihelić, mr. sc. 10:30
5Coffee break 11:00
6Topic: Development of cultural tourism in the destination - challenges and opportunitiesRomana Lekic, Phd. 11:15
7Topic: Vučedol culture museum - Archaeological site Vučedol - interpretation and presentation of the siteMirela Hutinec, M.A. Archaeology and PhD student 11:45
8lecturer: Dunja Babić, Faculty of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and GeodesyRadovan Slade Šilović 12:15
9Topic: Stonehenge - interpretation and presentation of the siteSusan Greaney, PhD. 12:45
10Lunch break 13:10
11Included excursion Split 14:30
12Free time 17:00
13Award ceremony 19:00
14Gala dinner 20:00
1Optional excursions (Trogir, Omiš) 08:00



2015 / First International historic cities congress