1Registration 17:00
2Welcome drink 19:00-
3Dinner 20:00
1Registration 08:00
2Welcome speech 08:45
3Topic: Greek archaeological sites- preservation and interpretationDr. Anastasia Gadolou 09:00
4Topic: Koprivnica Renaissance festivalRenato Labazan, prof. 09:30
5Topic: Events in function of presenting cultural heritage of SplitAlijana Vukšić, mr. sc. 10:00
6Coffee break 10:30
7Topic: City of Budapest: best practices in development of cultural tourismMelinda Nagyné Varga 10:45
8Topic: City of Budva – connecting history and tourismTijana Kotarac 11:10
9Topic: Connecting separated – thematic roman road route as a cultural-tourist attractionAntonija Eremut Erceg, mag.art.hist. 11:45
10Cofee break 12:10
11Panel Discussion / Topic: Events – tool for interpretation and promotion of historic cities and localitiesRomana Lekic, Phd. , Tijana Kotarac , Alijana Vukšić, mr. sc. , Renato Labazan, prof. , Dr. Anastasia Gadolou 12:30
12Lunch break 14:00
13Included excursion Solin 15:30
14Free time 18:00
15Dinner 19:00
16Entertainment – Karaoke party 20:00
1Topic: Valorization of roman values within Vinkovci’s tourist offerMartina Matković, dipl.oec. 09:00
2Topic: Archaeological site Stobi - interpretation and presentation of the siteSilvana Blazevska, Ph.D. 09:30
3Topic: Trends and the demand for products of cultural tourism - perceptions and attitudes of foreign tour operators for Croatia as a destinationMirela Sučić Čevra, PhD 10:00
4Topic: Management of historical sites in Croatia - SWOT AnalysisSanjin Mihelić, mr. sc. 10:30
5Coffee break 11:00
6Topic: Development of cultural tourism in the destination - challenges and opportunitiesRomana Lekic, Phd. 11:15
7Topic: Vučedol culture museum - Archaeological site Vučedol - interpretation and presentation of the siteMirela Hutinec, M.A. Archaeology and PhD student 11:45
8lecturer: Dunja Babić, Faculty of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and GeodesyRadovan Slade Šilović 12:15
9Topic: Stonehenge - interpretation and presentation of the siteSusan Greaney, PhD. 12:45
10Lunch break 13:10
11Included excursion Split 14:30
12Free time 17:00
13Award ceremony 19:00
14Gala dinner 20:00
1Optional excursions (Trogir, Omiš) 08:00