Senka Vlahović is the owner and manager of the travel agency Boho Travel Art, with many years of experience in interpreting heritage and creating products in cultural tourism.

In her work, she is guided by the fundamental principles of destination management, experience economy and sustainable development. In order to improve and develop the product, she underwent the education of the European Association for the Interpretation of the Heritage – Internet Europe.

She develops her storytelling skills in tourism under the wing of the Storytelling training center StoryLab. She is a long-term member of the consulting association Stephen Spencer & Associates from Great Britain, which deals with user experience in culture, tourism and trade, as well as the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA). She is a participant in the “Dalmatia storytelling destination” project, which is implemented by the Board of Tourism and Maritime Affairs of the Split Dalmatia county.

In the time of the pandemic and the challenging year 2021 for tourism, in cooperation with the Omiš tourist board, the project interpretation of the medieval fortress of Omiš has started as part of the summer event “Omiš summer frei”.

The interpretation of Omiš city fortress was designed for the purpose of additional information, education and protection of local cultural heritage. The shared vision and goals led to the creation of another experience in 2023, a guided museum tour and Glagolitic workshop.

In 2024, the excellent cooperation with TZG Omiš continues and a new brand is created. In addition to the interpretation of heritage and storytelling, elements of gamification are also introduced in which visitors actively discover the stories of Omiš and its rich cultural heritage.